Framebench: work (or party) together online

Framebench is an online solution to help people working together in real-time. Framebench is highly feature packed and has a stunning workspace that looks way cooler than any such tool we have used. (Possibly you can already guess that by the number of images we have used to explore Framebench below.) And yet it is simple and unobtrusive to use. Let’s take a look at what Framebench can do:

  • Work on anything! Presentations, videos, interior layouts, PDFs, other documents, floorplans, website designs, showreels, fashion sketches, marketing brochures… you name it and Framebench probably covers it!
  • TableTop Sync: Synchronized views to keep everybody on the same page and avoid ambiguity.
  • Interact with files, draw over them, leave comments, mark pages and scribble.
  • Smart version management: Flip through your versions like magazine pages.
  • Upload and store any visual file format and Framebench viewer can render it.
  • Collaborate on videos: With everyone in sync, you can give your feedback on each frame of the video and discuss every detail.
  • Text and voice messenger integrated.
  • File permissions: public or private.
  • Fully SSL communication.
  • Data encryption.
  • Reliable servers wit best uptime.

Next time you want to try anything online in a group, be it a party or a project, try Framebench!

Webpage: Framebench

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