Jaatishwar [The Reincarnated] (2014)

Jaatiswar is a Bengali movie which recently won 4 National Film Awards (2014) in India. After watching the movie I decided to write about it mainly because of two reasons – awesome music and a nice touch of history. Jaatiswar is a musical and the music director is none other than Kabir Suman. If you are a music lover you are in for a surprise. The music is very different from the commercial mainstream music in India in recent times. The movie is on the life of Anthony Firingee, a Portuguese who became famous in Bengal as a folk-poet pictured in a modern day context. The story is well known in the Bengali community due to another old and popular film covering the topic but Jaatiswar touches history with a beautiful finesse and a clever twist in the end. Prasenjit Chatterjee (playing Anthony Firingee) delivers a commendable performance.

There are drawbacks as well. The folk poem lyrics are well written but the dialogues fail to make a mark in most cases. The use of Computer graphics and (poorly) written introduction to characters are used in all the wrong places in the movie. It is evident that today’s so called prominent Bengali film directors didn’t learn much from the films of the world class Bengali director Satyajit Ray (who was a master in using silence vivid with expressions and symbolism). Following an interesting chapter in the cultural history of Bengal, the director Srijit Mukhopadhyay should also have avoided cheap gimmicks like a daughter smoking on the rooftop while conversing with her mother. It clearly shows the lack of focus in the right direction. Speaking of class, the film does not deliver other than the music.

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