PCManFM: now more feature packed

PCManFM has been around for a long time and is the default file browser on LXDE. But it can also be installed and used on other desktop environments like Unity. It is notoriously lightweight and is a great alternative to Nautilus. The latest version of PCManFM is 1.2.0 and has many features which take it a huge step forward with respect to the last stable version. Here’s a quick peek into the interesting new features visible to the user:

  • Tooltips with full file names for Desktop icons.
  • Separate desktop configuration for each monitor. The Desktop Preferences dialog will be applied only to current monitor.
  • Save columns for Detailed List View mode.
  • New tab with Search Results now opened in Detailed List View mode with columns.
  • Support for per-folder configurations: sort mode, show_hidden, and view mode.
  • Dual Pane mode which can be toggled on anytime with F3.
  • Configuration options for toolbar.
  • New menu option ‘Go’->’Connect to Server…”. If selected it opens a dialog window to select type of remote folder and few parameters (host, port, path, login) for the connection.
  • Many new menu options.
  • And many more minor enhancements. Check the full list here.

To install PCManFM on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install pcmanfm

Webpage: PCManFM

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