Broken bootloader? Boot with Super GRUB2!

A broken bootloader is a common problem which newbies face, most of the time while experimenting with dual boot. Super GRUB2 is a handy disk which can boot into a OS with a broken bootloader. Once you boot into the Linux OS installed it is easy to fix a broken GRUB2 with grub-install /dev/sda. Features:

  • Uses GRUB2
  • Use a flash drive to boot
  • GRUB2 like menu
  • Detects any Linux, Windows or OSX installation
  • Enable GRUB2’s LVM, RAID. PATA, USB, serial terminal support
  • Super GRUB2 doesn’t fix GRUB, it enables you to boot into the OS

The same author also has written Rescatux (linked in homepage), a guided wizard-based recovery CD.

Webpage: Super GRUB2, Wiki

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