Maxthon Cloud Browser arrives on Linux

maxthon_compMaxthon has released a Linux version of its Cloud Browser today. It has a significant user base on other platforms but the Linux version was elusive till they announced a Beta sometime back. Now it’s here with some interesting features for Linux:

  • Sync Magic Fill data of your Maxthon Account.
  • Last Session page, which can be set to open with browser in Settings.
  • Hover to switch between folders on Favorites Bar.
  • Brand new UI.

However, it is also a bulky browser just like Google Chrome. The x86_84 installation is 182MB in size and spawns many processes. When I ran it on LXDE the title bar took a lot of space.

Mathon uses the WebKit engine. The binaries are released for x86 and x86_64 in deb, rmp and tar.gz format. The tar.gz format allows you to run it on any Linux box.

Webpage: Maxthon

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