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smartwork_compFacebook and Twitter won’t help you much in the way of getting stuff done. But there are many online services which can assist you in doing your job faster and smarter. We have covered some of them in past articles but then we thought it’s high time we serve them in a single plate. These services are diverse in functionality and useful in their own unique ways. How many do you use already?

    Note taking app for quick notes, bookmarks and sharing those with others. Password protection available. In case you want to send a burn after reading note, try Privnote.
  2. FileTea
    Share your files with friends directly from your system. No cloud upload, P2P data sharing.
  3. historious
    Store bookmarks with full page indexing.
  4. Pixlr
    Fast online image editor. Shrink images with Kraken.
  5. pCloud
    Cloud storage that supports direct cloud downloads and uploads to shared storage by non-users.
  6. Google Drive
    One place to view, edit, convert and store all your documents. There are multiple ways to sync files locally. Another alternative is Microsoft Office Online.
  7. PDFescape
    How many times have you wanted to edit a PDF file badly? Thought so. PDFescape is your friend. Remember those scanned PDF files which come in huge sizes? Shrink them with Compress PDF.
  8. Feedspot
    RSS and feed reader with a clean interface.
  9. StumbleUpon
    Spend your spare time browsing random pages from the internet of your interest. Fun way to learn!
  10. MintEmail
    Ever signed up to a service with your regular mail ID only to find numerous spam and newsletters flooding your inbox later? Try disposable mails.
  11. Browser Extensions
    A few extensions for safe and better browsing experience:
    a. AdBlock Plus blocks annoying ads
    b. FlashBlock blocks flash video auto-loading
    c. Disconnect hides your online tracks
    d. HTTPS Everywhere encrypts your communication with many major websites even if they provide limited HTTPS support
  12. Startpage
    Search the web anonymously. If you want to help someone Google something use Let Me Google That For You.
  13. minutes
    Take meeting minutes online and share instantly.
  14. Google Calendar
    Never miss another meeting or anniversary. Register your number and get SMS alerts minutes before the schedule.
  15. EveryTimeZone
    Scratching your head when the meeting with your overseas boss is actually scheduled? Try EveryTimeZone. If you want to check the local time at any city try The World Clock. The combination works better to account for daylight saving. WorldTimeBuddy is another alternative.
  16. FlightStats
    Got delayed at the airport and desperate to know for how long you’ll be stuck? Works worldwide. You cna check the flight schedule and status.
  17. FollowUpThen
    A reminder is only an email away. Need read receipts too? Try Boomerang (limited free).
  18. Date Duration Calculator
    Want to calculate how many days left to your project deadline? If you need a variety of timers check out Online Stopwatch.
  19. Wolfram
    Going to a new place or wanna know about a new dish? Search it in Wolfram!
  20. Dictation
    Speech to text, right in your browser.
  21. Pancake
    Host a blog or website in your Dropbox space. If you want to check if a domain name is still available or not try Simple Domain Name Registrar.
  22. Google Cache Browser
    Dead bookmark? You may still view the contents from Google’s cache.
  23. Similarsites
    Search sites similar to the one you like.
  24. Down For Everyone Or Just Me
    Ensure that a website is really down.
  25. Google URL Shortener
    Generate a short URL for any URL and share anywhere.
  26. DistroWatch
    Thinking of switching to Linux and looking for the right distro? Let DistroWatch guide you.

Finally, for Linux tips and Linux software visit TuxDiary.

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