Disconnect: ensure online privacy

Disconnect is a browser plugin which enhances your online privacy by blocking invisible tracking websites. It has an intuitive interface and can also show you the count of blocked trackers. The number can be overwhelming sometimes, e.g. opening the Yahoo! homepage shows 45 trackers blocked! It saves your bandwidth and reduces the number of your online footprints. The types of trackers it can detect and block are Ads, Analytics, Social and Content. Works on Firefox and Google Chrome.

Disconnect Search is a Beta plugin which lets you search privately without being tracked. Currently it supports Google, Bing, Yahoo, Blekko and DuckDuckGo. It can also integrate itself to the omnibox (address bar) search or search from anywhere (now a Beta feature). It anonymizes your search terms from search engines, resulting websites and ISPs. An alternative to this plugin is to use Startpage as your default search engine.

Webpage: Disconnect, Disconnect Search

[Courtesy: Jester Raiin]

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