Stripe Snoop: decode magnetic stripe cards

If you are interested in hacking a cancelled old credit/debit card (or any other magstripe card) to capture, modify or analyze the raw data try out Stripe Snoop. As you might have guessed by now, you need a card reader to read the raw information from the card. A standard magstripe reader and a parallel port adapter should get you going. The current features of Stripe Snoop include:

  • Reads Tracks 1, 2, and 3 of magstripe cards, using an different Hardware interfaces(game port, keyboard, and parallel)
  • Support game port based and Keyboard based magstripe Readers
  • Multiplatform with a simple cmdline interface. Works on Linux and Windows.
  • Support LRC checking, to detect damaged cards. Supports cards swiped backwards
  • Database support to identify a card type and show information about the contents of the card. Credit and banking cards, School IDs, Grocery cards, Gift cards, and more are supported.
  • Raw mode (-r) and Input mode (-i) allow for analysis and research of card data, even without a hardware reader
  • Supports a Force mode (-F), to force the parsing of damaged cards that fail checksum or parity tests
  • Debugging information available through cmdline option “-v”
  • Contains extra tools to modify, verify, and generate magstripe bitstreams
  • Written in portable C++, which minimizing the effects of time critical loops
  • Open source and free

Webpage: Stripe Snoop

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