Linux Remote Control from your smartphone

Linux Remote Control (lrc) is a promising new app which enables you to control and run your Linux system from any device with a browser. The app started as a initiative for the Firefox OS. As it turned out, the only requirement on the client device is a browser, so support was extended to other devices as well. The app has two logical areas: a server that runs on the Linux system and a client which is nothing but a browser session. The server runs on Node.js while the client doesn’t need anything to be installed on it. The English website is grammatically messed up but the usage is simple enough. Current features:

  • Control the music and the sound of your computer (play, pause, stop, next, prev, mute and volume)
  • Controlling videos from your computer (play, pause, next, prev, mute, volume and fullscreen)
  • Control your computer mouse (click and move)
  • Lock and unlock your computer screen
  • Restart and shut down your computer
  • Increase and decrease the brightness of your computer screen
  • Control slides for presentations going back and forth
  • Send custom commands to run on your GNU/Linux

Webpage: lrc

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