Get rid of adobe flash plugin

flash_compThe Adobe Flash Plugin is a shared library used by web browsers to render embedded flash video, say on YouTube. The plugin has a notorious reputation for having security flaws and is quite bulky too. This article explains ways on Firefox and Google Chrome to set HTML5 as default for YouTube videos or to fallback to flash in case HTML5 is unsupported by a particular video.

  • Firefox and Google Chrome
    Open this URL and click on the “Request the HTML5 Player” button to set HTML5 as default. This is a per-browser setting so you need to do it on each browser if you have both of them installed.
  • Google Chrome only
    Google Chrome comes with its in-built Flash extension PepperFlash. To enable it type in about:plugins in the address bar and go to the Adobe Flash Player section. Enable PepperFish and disable the system Flash library if it is installed.

You can now go ahead and remove the Adobe Flash Plugin from your system.

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