Freekall: free calls without internet

freecall_compFreekall is an India-based startup that offers an interesting service: call anywhere for free. While the first thing that might come to your mind is VoIP, Freekall doesn’t need the end user to be connected over the internet, the Freekall server routes the call over VoIP. This is of particular interest for developing countries where internet is still costly or not widespread yet.

To use the service the user can dial-in the number 080-49202060 (from India) which will be dropped by Freekall. Freekall calls the user back and the user has to enter the number he wants to call followed by #. The calls will be bridged now and the user talks for free. The following video explains this visually. Check it out!


Freekall is in Beta at the time of writing this article. The voice quality is average. When I tried it, it was breaking at my end but less at the receiver end. A non-registered user gets 3 mins per day and a registered user gets 12 mins per day of talktime. Once the service is released, this limit will be lifted. Registration can be done online from the Freekall webpage or over the mobile (no internet case) by sending SMS to 09227507512 in the following format:

To provide the service for free to users Freekall relies on ads. Users have to hear ads for 10 secs after every 2 minutes of call.

Webpage: Freekall

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