Firefox memory tweaks

firefoxHere’s a small collection of tweaks to reduce Firefox memory usage.

  1. Limit memory cache size: Add a new integer in the about:config page named browser.cache.memory.capacity. Set it to a lower value in KB. For example, for 100MB I use the value 102400.
  2. Limit maximum pages in session history: This indicates how many URLs you can traverse using the Forward or Back button in a browser session. Search the about:config page for browser.sessionhistory.max_entries and set it to a lesser value from the default 50. I use 5.
  3. Limit max closed tabs you can reopen: Set the value of browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo to something like 6 if you do not undo tab closure frequently using <Ctrl-Shift-t>.
  4. If you have Adobe flash plugin installed set it to Ask to Activate so that it is not loaded all the time.
  5. Disable the pdf viewer from about:config page – set pdfjs.disabled to true.
  6. Disable some animations (set to false) from about:config – browser.tabs.animate,
  7. To disable Firefox Hello, set loop.enabled to false.
  8. To disable auto play of flash and other type of media, set media.autoplay.enabled to false.
  9. Reduce memory usage when minimized: Windows only. Add a new boolean config.trim_on_minimize and set it to true.
  10. Enable tracking protection.
  11. Some javascripts might be nasty and slow down not only your browser but also your system. To start the garbage collector whenever JS memory usage reaches a specific value, set javascript.options.mem.high_water_mark lower from the default value of 128, maybe 64.
  12. If you see jerky scrolling, set layout.frame_rate.precise to true for precise scrolling.
  13. Remove AdBlock Plus and install uBlock.
  14. Use Local Load to load JS files from local resource than downloading every time.

5 thoughts on “Firefox memory tweaks”

  1. Hi I looked at my aboutLconfig thing and on browser.cache.anything it doesn’t have exactly what you referred to, you’d referred to I think browser.cache.memory.capacity….the closest I can find on my about:config is browser.cache.memory_limit which is 51200 and I don’t know if thats in KB or what, anyway if you were me would you change that? I did all the other ones fine though and I’m hoping it speeds up Firefox a lot, it’s already way better than IE anyday though, these tips are very useful, thanks a lot!

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