Simple Machines Forum: get your own board

smf_compSimple Machines Forum (SMF) is a completely free industry standard solution to set up your own forum or discussion board or online community. SMF runs on PHP and supports MySQL or PostgreSQL or SQLite database in the background. SMF is rich in features and has powerful capabilities:

  • Comes with a powerful package manager that allows database modifications and custom themes
  • Custom made template engine puts you in full control of the layout of your message board
  • Let your forum and your website interact with each other through Server Side Includes function
  • Migrate your existing board to SMF using Converters
  • Light on resource usage. File based caching for performance boost.
  • Template system making it easier for custom edits
  • Advanced permission and user management
  • Simultaneous multiple language support
  • Search engine optimization
  • Session based authorization code
  • Major actions are time and IP locked, preventing ‘hammering’
  • Powerful CAPTCHA system
  • Limit login attempts by IP
  • Anti-Spam system
  • Customization options and configuration settings for Forums, Boards, Categories, member registration, navigation, tracking, statistics, communication
  • And many more… Find full feature list here.

Webpage: Simple Machines Forum

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