Kontalk: WhatsApp alternative with encryption

kontalk_compWhile WhatsApp might be the talk of the day, many users on Google Play do complain about taking pictures without permission or automatic shared file downloads. Obviously FB doesn’t bother about your privacy. However, there is another open source free Android app that does and offers you more peace of mind, Kontalk. Capabilities:

  • Even in server-to-client communication, your phone number is irreversibly encrypted, so Kontalk can’t possibly know your phone number (it is used only for sending you the verification code, than it will be discarded)
  • Messages and data are encrypted
  • Hide your presence
  • Kontalk brings to you the reliability of a distributed network of servers and the safety of cryptography
  • What’s more, you can even setup your own messaging server with Kontalk
  • Send and receive messages for free with other Kontalk users (carrier fees for Internet traffic may apply)
  • Kontalk uses your phone number to identify yourself and automatically adds other Kontalk users you can talk with by looking in your contact list
  • You can send any text messages and image (other media types coming soon)
  • Multiple devices support: every incoming message will be sent to all registered devices
  • Shared files are not downloaded to your device automatically
  • Open source

Kontalk is still under heavy development. It has a few glitches and needs more finesse in some areas. In case of India it sends a Cell Broadcast message with the verification code (more information here). So you may have to allow CB messages from the settings of your Messaging app to receive the message.

On Google Play: kontalk

[Courtesy: Jester Raiin]

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