Second WordPress Anniversary!


Regular Expressions turned 2 years old today. Thanks to the visitors, followers for encouraging our efforts all the way and providing valuable feedback for improvements! Thanks to the contributors for all the awesome work you do!

We put in a lot of effort to keep articles in perspective and at the same time entertaining. There had been heated discussions in several forums (like this) on whether a mix of technical and leisure articles is the right thing to do, whether WordPress free platform is the correct place for this kind of a blog, whether the homepage showing posts from all categories will interest every viewer and so on. Sometimes we learnt from those, sometimes we stood our ground firmly. We also created Facebook and Twitter pages recently to increase the number of followers. The Facebook results are promising.

Here’s what we have to say on some of the differences in opinion: We are serious with each article. Each of them go through reviews, are carefully categorized and tagged before getting published. Even the small humorous posts are reviewed so that they are clean and witty. The articles are random because all of us behind this blog do something else professionally and start writing an article when we find something interesting or come up with an idea sharing which may help others and save their time. While everyone may not favour this random mix of posts there are so many ways to find posts that interest you: categories, tags, blog search, Google Custom Search, the archive page, translations. This blog is about tech and leisure read, remember? 🙂 We are not going to change it just because some people thing it may not work. If it’s a challenge let’s face it. After all, who among us doesn’t love a beautiful splash of vibrant colours? There’s something in this blog for each kind of visitor if he cares to spend some time to take a look around. We don’t really bother much. It’s better to have a few regular followers who appreciate and scrutinize what we do than having a large audience who just want to get things of interest and move forward. We will just be happy if they found what they came looking for. We do have some limitations inherent to the free WordPress blogging platform which do not expose all the perks to free-hosted blogs. But it is a great and statistically the best blogging platform. It is the reason this blog is thriving.

As always, we intend to keep the blog ad-free other than some non-obtrusive ads shown by WordPress. The information shared is free of rights and viewers can share them anywhere they want. Enjoy your stay!

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