Digital Art on Linux

Linux has some super-cool software to offer to digital designers, artists and painters. Check out the ones we selected!

  • Krita
    Fully featured with a configurable GUI much like Adobe Photoshop. Plenty of paintbrushes and strokes to try out. You can start with a canvas & palette and try out its powerful brush engine. It supports layers, filters, generators. Everything can be recorded and replayed. Supports many file formats.
  • MyPaint
    Minimal distraction-free user interface which shows the required tools only when you look for them. Not as powerful as Krita but it has extensive brush creation and customization support. Supports unlimited canvas and basic layers.
  • Inkscape
    This is another popular software among digital artists. Very very powerful and works around the concepts of object creation and vector image manipulation. Many transformations, fill patterns, operations on paths etc. make it a strong contender in this list.
  • DreamStudio
    This is collection of excellent tools packed on Ubuntu. Free and open source with industry-standard tools to explore your creativity.
  • Pencil
    Traditional 2D animation cum drawing program. It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics.

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