Koding offers 100TB free space [expired]

koding_comgCheck out this review of Koding first.

Koding.com just announced they are giving away 100TB of free space! I received a mail with the same information as well. They have redesigned their interface and service this year and to celebrate they have now upgraded the initial capacity of the base VMs to 4GB (which was 1GB previously). If you are a new user, use my referral to sign up and we both get 1GB extra:

Existing users use the link below to sign-in and upgrade:

To grab more space invite your friends this week and when they create an account both of you will gain 1GB each! Cool, eh? Hurry as this offer is for this week only and users are already rushing in. However, remember that the maximum size limit for a VM is still 16GB. So if you have already reached it, you won’t get any far.

Webpage: Koding

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