Captain Phillips (2013)

Despite the high rating in IMDB and 6 Oscar nominations, Captain Phillips seemed too predictable and an average movie to me. It’s the same old story of small pockets of simple yet needy people turning violent (because they think they are deprived), the great American Dream and finally a display of the intelligence and power of the American Navy. It’s all too simple except the performances of Barkhad Abdi and Tom Hanks. It could have been a real good movie if the director reduced the length of the movie by at least half an hour without the shallow melodrama and failed attempts at heightening tension. People still fall for those and that’s why blockbusters still earn but no one will remember this movie an hour after they leave the hall. You will definitely not regret seeing it but it is not half exciting as you think it would be. My rating would be a 7.2/10.

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