File Expert & GCloud: nice combo to manage files on Android

file_explorer_compFile Expert is an Android file manager with many cool features. But where it makes a real difference is that it can backup your files to its own cloud service GCloud. GCloud offers 1GB storage for free with other enhanced paid modes. File Expert is designed for mobiles whereas its mod File Explorer HD is for tablets. Features:

  • Supports all generic file operations you expect from a strong file manager
  • Organizes files in categories so that you can search faster
  • Lot of options to share and transfer files (Bluetooth, WiFi, FTP…)
  • Multi-tab GUI
  • In-built support for many archive and file types
  • Recycle Bin, text editor, resumable downloader
  • Sync data in GCloud cloud storage
  • Manage files on PC when your device acts like a server
  • and many many more…

Webpage: File Expert, File Expert HD, GCloud

[Courtesy: Jester Raiin]

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