Anonymous chat

chat_compTwo online services for anonymous P2P chat that renders the need for a server to relay the messages kaput.

  • Chatstep: Awesome interface with different colours for up to 50 people. Drag and drop images and files to share. Optional sounds and timestamps. Download transcript when ending the chat to keep a record.
  • Chatcrypt: Strong AES-256 encryption in CTR mode and complete anonymity. Supports creating chat rooms that others participants can join. Each participant has to enter a password to join the chat at a later time. The password and room has to be same for participants. As all the messages are encrypted, only participants in the same room knowing the password can only see the decoded messages.
  • BitTorrent Chat: From the creators of BitTorrent. Still in Alpha stage and you may have to wait for a while after signing up to be invited into the community. You can chat privately as messages aren’t stored on any server. The service uses an encrypted P2P network and is free of cost.
  • CifraChat: Generates a random chat room every time. Can send encrypted messages with a code and a hint to decode. Messages will get auto deleted after 2 wrong decode attempts.
  • QOTR: Quick anonymous chat links with 256-bit AES encryption. The messages are encrypted in the browser so that the server cannot read them.

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