ownCloud: your very own Dropbox

Want to have a Dropbox-like cloud storage of your own that you can host on your local machine or any other host? ownCloud will match your requirements perfectly. If follows the same client-server based architecture as in Dropbox and you can access your files hosted on ownCloud from anywhere using the web as long as your server is live. So you do not need to bother about the capacity of your cloud storage as your can control it yourself. Features:

  • Sync contacts, calendars, tasks and bookmarks
  • Access data from anywhere and keep your data synced to your device
  • Share data with anyone via server to server sharing
  • File versions
  • Search and undelete
  • In built document viewer
  • Support for themes
  • Application support (like plugins)
  • Manage your users via LDAP or AD
  • Free and open source with a growing community of developers
  • The project is at a very matured stage

Webpage: ownCloud

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