Standalone FICS chess clients for Linux

chessLinux has quite a few clients available for chess enthusiasts who play on (a free alternative to ICS). While some of them use JAVA, some run on very few libraries. Here are 2 such clients which are not strictly standalone but are independent of JAVA and has good set of features:

  • eboard
    Lightweight with few dependencies. Supports both playing against the computer or online on FICS. Supports all available features of FICS. A highly customizable mature project.
  • PyChess
    Written in Python and still under development. Has a nice interface and supports most necessary features already. Supports local and online play. However, both the latest release and development versions have some issues. During my tests I have noticed a not so frequent hang up when a new game is started or a game finishes. It uses a lot more memory than eboard and bandwidth usage also much higher.

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