Openfire: IM (chat) server based on XMPP

If you want to setup your own Instant Messaging server for home network or organization Openfire is an excellent option. It uses the popular open protocol XMPP and is written in Java. The client application is Spark. Openfire also supports the openfire-jappix plugin for in-browser audio-video conferencing using WebRTC. Features:

  • Multiplatform (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Easy to setup and administer users and settings
  • Industry standard security and performance
  • Group chat
  • Telephony integration
  • Audio-video support using openfire-jappix
  • Drag and drop file transfer with progress bar
  • Chatlogs
  • Spell checks
  • and many more features available in standard IM servers and clients

To try it out check the installation guide for Openfire.

Webpage: OpenfireSparkopenfire-jappix

3 thoughts on “Openfire: IM (chat) server based on XMPP”

  1. We need to know if audio / video is peer-to-peer or if it flows through the server. The expectation is refer the video/ audio chat which occurred, as history later.

    1. Openfire is sort of an enterprise solution (or at least more relevant there) so the idea of peer to peer communication is not mandatory. On the contrary, organizations do like to keep a watch ;).

      Anyway, there are some options but probably not what you are looking for:
      The redfire plugin does that for audio-video:

      IM is server based.

      Spark defaults to a peer to peer file transfer but tries proxy servers on failure:

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