Jagten (2012)


“Once a suspect, always a criminal” is a natural instinct in any society throughout the world. Jagten (meaning “the hunt”) is a Danish film that revolves around this biased and yet perpetual notion. It shows an already troubled man’s life turned upside down by a false but grave allegation from a child. Adults make the situation worse and quickly pushes the protagonist and his near and dear ones into incremental ignominy. Though he successfully proves his innocence in the court of law it’s always too late in this case. He can’t erase the scar on his character in the eyes of the society and remains a criminal forever. The last couple of minutes make Jagten complete with perfect finesse. It also explains the significance of the name of the film. The film is highly acclaimed and rightly deserves all of it. Mads Mikkelsen delivers a tremendous performance. His skills are comparable to the likes of Viggo Mortensen and Javier Bardem who are artists in character roles. The film is suitable for adults only due to sexual content and profanity. My rating is 8.5/10.

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