Rush (2013)

Anyone fond of cars or car-racing is bound to like Rush for at least its adrenaline rushing effects. The dramatization is based on the true story of the professional rivalry between and feats of two Formula One legends – Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Though they were very different in their attitude towards life and racing (one very disciplined and one pretty much the definition of ‘cool’) they were both contemporary Formula One World Champions. The storyline remains true to the facts which is fascinating and thrilling as well. That and the live racing track effects are the real deals in the movie. The acting is pretty average and the dialogues (specially from Niki Lauda) may seem reciprocal at times. Though the movie attempts to highlight James Hunt I think Niki Lauda is the true champion both because of his records as well as the challenges in life he had to overcome (a comeback after being fried at 800°F for example). The movie is fast paced and will not fail to entertain. The IMDB rating (8.3) right now seems a little overrated to me. My rating would be a 7.5/10.

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