1TB free cloud storage from mail.ru [expired]


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On the event of new year mail.ru is offering 1TB could space free from 20 Dec 2013 to 20 Jan 2014. It is a suite that provides mail (the mailbox opens fast even on the Tor network), calendar and cloud storage services. The website interface is primarily in Russian but shouldn’t be a problem if you are using Google Chrome. Either translate the full page or selectively translate any text content using the Right click ▸ Translate to English feature. Recently they have added a pop-up with option to change the language when you login to the mailbox.

Steps to claim your TB:

  1. Visit the registration page and create an account.
  2. Visit the promo page. Click on the big bordered black button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Download the desktop or mobile app of your choice, install and connect using the yourlogin@mail.ru login ID you have created in step 1.
  4. Alternative to step 2 & 3:
    If still logged in, download the clients directly by visiting the cloud home page and selecting the client from the blue widget in the left.

Currently mail.ru has native clients for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

I wouldn’t recommend storing sensitive data in the cloud for security and privacy. And it’s safe to have at least a backup copy of the same data in another cloud service. You always have a better chance of data recovery.

Webpage: mail.ru

34 thoughts on “1TB free cloud storage from mail.ru [expired]”

    1. I have a 2MBPS connection at home and when I tested it I found that it is using near to full bandwidth. But I guess testing on a better bandwidth (like 15MBPS) will give a more comprehensive result.

      1. interesting …. what about security standards of this service? I searched info on their site but i didn’t find anything (probably i failed because of the language). I mean, drobox and others use SSL connection while transferring data. And, for storing data, sropbox uses AES-256 encryption. What about mail.ru?

        1. Frankly… it’s from a Chinese provider. And in any case I won’t trust a cloud service provider. So do not upload sensitive data and keep a backup of the sae data with some other service.
          The very concept of security is an illusion on the internet.

  1. Yeah, you’re right. As a matter of fact, i use clud services only for not sensitive data. Thoght, a service that advertizes some kind of security features (like the above mentioned SSL connection or AES-256 encryption) give me more confidence. However, i created an account. There are any file size limit? I mean… can i upload a 20MB file or a 1GB file without problems?

      1. Thanks for searching 🙂 I guess that i will have just to try it 🙂 By the way, the only way to upload file are: official clients (on android, windows, linux etc …) or web interface. No FTP access?

  2. I tried it with my dedicated server and it gave download speed to the maximum of 17mbps.
    Still now i am using this for backup of files(Ya obviously non sensitive data!!!)

  3. Anyone has more than one Mail.Ru 1TB? Could you give it to me? Or would you want to exchange it with me?

    I give you: 250GB free for life + Dropbox 70GB free + Chinese 360Cloud 36TB + Chinese Tecent 10TB.

  4. Some details about 1 TB from Mail.ru:
    1) the download/upload speed is not limited. I have a 30 Mbps canal which is fully used when I download/upload something to Mail.ru cloud
    2) you can use a browser do download or upload something. There is no need to install their software. The maximum size of the file you can upload using a browser is 2 GB, using Mail.ru client – 30 GB
    3) you will not have to pay the company for the storage never! Free for life!
    4) you can tie you mobile phone number to the account for the security reasons and any changes to the account will be possible just using the sms-codes to that number
    5) the interface is in English

    I have a lot of Mail.ru accounts with 1 TB space and can change them for something interesting or sell.
    Please, contact me at cloudrig(dog)gmail.com

  5. I have 25 Mbps bandwidth and it is fully loaded when I upload or download something from cloud Mail.ru
    It is a phenomenal storage for my music and film collections, backups and some encrypted files. Sure it is not the only copy of my files, I have more on different services, but 1 TB at cloud.mail.ru is absolutely free for life. I don’t pay for it as I pay for Google Drive and Dropbox.
    I connected my account to my Android phone and have got something like 1TB flash card in my phone.
    Any who wants account with 1 TB at mail.ru can contact me at 1024cloud )dog( gmail.com
    I have new accounts which never were used. You’ll be able to change the password and connect it with your phone number.

      1. Hi! I do have extra accounts with 1TB free for life. My email is 1024cloud (at) gmail.com Please, contact me if you want some.

        1. This is the Second time i try to write to you but you never got response. Please let me know. I’ve just written you a another mail…

          1. I did not receive any mail from you. Mails from the other people are OK. Please, give me your email address.

  6. Here are some accounts at cloud.mail.ru with 25 GB free storage (standard):
    testcu@mail.ru password: testaccount90
    testcl@mail.ru password: testaccount32

    You can test how the service is working. In web version “drag and drop” is working, just use it. Apps for mobiles:
    Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.mail.cloud
    iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cloud-mail.ru-save-your-photos/id696551382?mt=8
    Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/cloud-mail-ru/ef591c95-136f-4d7a-88af-d38af8bc8f77
    All are inEnglish interface.

    Anyone who wants Cloud Mail.ru account with 1 TB free storage for life can contact me at 1024cloud (at) gmail.com

    1. Hi, my email id is booklove330 (at) yandex (dot) ru.
      Can you send me an email. I tried to send you an email, Don’t know if you can find it..
      Thanks a ton!

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