evilvte: a tiny terminal emulator

terminalI use the terminal a lot even when I am on my favourite desktop environment, LXDE. The LXDE default terminal, lxterminal, is quite light and fast and I was happy with its performance. But recently I found evilvte which has all the features of gnome-terminal and lxterminal that I need at a footprint less than 50KB! It uses the VTE library. Initially I installed evilvte from synaptic only to find that I wanted to change certain things in it (like font, more menu options, scrollback etc.) but in order to do that I had to re-compile the package as there is no separate configuration file. I checked out the latest git code, made my changes and re-compiled it on Ubuntu 13.04. The size of the binary is just 35KB and it works like a charm. I am impressed! I have uploaded my patch file here in case someone wants to refer. All the configuration changes go in src/config.h file. Features of evilvte at a glance:

  • Tiny and extremely fast
  • Colored listing of files and directories
  • Tab and scroll support
  • Supports Unicode and UTF8 characters
  • Supports several backgrounds schemas including images
  • Huge set of configuration options
  • Supports several input methods
  • Supports almost all VTE features

To compile it from source you need the following packages on Ubuntu 13.04:

  • pkg-config
  • libvte-2.90-dev (with its own dependencies)

Other interesting terminal emulators:

Webpage: evilvte

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