cool_penguin_smallTuxDiary is an initiative (running for several years) to spread Linux and open source awareness among end users, provide simplified solutions based on Linux and introduce fascinating software and innovations. Behind this is a tiny team of developers with varying level of expertise ranging from kernel drivers to protocols. However, we take maximum care to keep the concepts and explanations appropriate for a layman. This needs time and resource. We also incur expenses for the domain and sometimes to buy hardware (like the Raspberry Pi board) for trying interesting stuff.

TuxDiary is non-profit and we do not show ads on principle. We are extremely grateful and happy to share that WordPress discounted the charge on the No-Ads package for TuxDiary on our request.

If you like this initiative, please consider donating. There are 2 options:

1. Donate through PayPal

Note: You have to enter the donation amount in the Item price field and press Update

2. For an account transfer, please contact us using the form below:

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Sincere thanks to several organizations who provide free software licenses to us as per their open source support policy, for the full discount on No Ads upgrade and individuals who donate to keep this initiative moving. These mean a lot to us.