AutoKey: insert text snippets, run scripts using hotkeys

autokey_compIf you regularly type in a lot of similar text (e.g. code, translation etc. and how about login IDs?) or do repetitive tasks that can be done via scripts, you might need a utility which can insert common strings of text or execute scripts anywhere automatically. AutoKey primarily focuses on this kind of automation on Linux. It has an easy to use GUI that will help you fine-tune your things.


  • Python scripting engine allows you to automate virtually any task that can be accomplished via the keyboard and/or mouse
  • Built-in code editor with autocomplete and calltips
  • Scripts are plain Python files that can be edited in any text editor
  • Similarly, phrases are stored as plaintext
  • Create collections of phrases/scripts in folders, and assign a hotkey or abbreviation to the folder to display a popup menu
  • Regular expressions can be used to filter windows by their title or class, to exclude hotkeys/abbreviations from triggering in certain applications
  • Scripts, phrases and folders can be attached to the notification icon menu, allowing you to select them without assigning a hotkey or abbreviation

To install on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install autokey-gtk

Webpage: AutoKey

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