Springseed: awesome Ubuntu note manager

springseed_compWhen I started downloading Springseed and noted that the size of the package is ~32MB I was disappointed. What possibly could be the reason a note-taking software has to be 32MB? I didn’t stop the download though and I am glad I continued. Springseed isn’t bloated and is the best notes manager I have used till date on any platform. Springseed is available only for Ubuntu. Some of its excellent features:

  • Starts up very fast
  • A beautiful and aesthetic minimal look
  • Use Markdown syntax on the fly (like in Wikis)
  • Sync notes to Dropbox automatically
  • Use multiple notebooks to keep tasks and notes organized
  • Search your notes by content
  • Links open directly in the browser

Probably a keyboard shortcut is an excellent idea as you are going to launch it frequently if you use it.

On GitHub: Springseed

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