explainshell: understand complex Linux commands

Many still think that Linux is for the geeks and you have to type everything in a black terminal to get things done. That’s far from reality. The look and feel of the modern Linux desktop environments are stunning and can put to shame many operating systems you think are beautiful. And Linux can get everything you can do on any other OS done from its desktop. Those, and finally Linux has the advantage of being an extremely tweakable system if you can do things from the cmdline.

The cmdline may be intimidating for casual and non-tech users but it is really not that difficult if you know your way around. That takes time to master and probably you would need a lot of help from google and the man pages. But wait! Now you have explainshell, which not only explains rudimentary Linux commands but also can visually break up complex commands and makes it easier for you to understand part by part. It uses the man pages in the background. Just type in 'ls -l' to see what I mean.

Webpage: explainshell

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