PMS: download, stream music in console (or hack it to use your favourite player)

musicIf you are a cmdline addict you may prefer PMS (Poor Man’s Spotify) to the Spotify client. Instead of Spotify it uses the Prostopleer online music service. I’m not sure about the licenses of the utility or the service and won’t be surprised if they get hit by a DMCA takedown notice anytime. Anyway, PMS lets you search and play music in the terminal. You can search for music both by artist or song and play or download one file at a time. The interface, though text-based, is colourful and easy to use. PMS can be downloaded from its git master branch here. PMS is written in Python, uses MPlayer to play music and curl to download the files.

MPlayer has numerous switches and options and it is quite difficult to get the same quality audio as you get in your regular customized player. After going through the PMS code I could modify it very easily to play the songs in SMPlayer or Audacious. Tested on Ubuntu 13.04 and both work fine. Download the modified files here. Copy the one you need in your PATH and run it from the terminal.

Webpage: PMS

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