Access ext4 filesystem from Windows

diskWhile there were many tools available to access ext2 and ext3 filesystems from Windows, things changed with ext4. At one point of time, there was no tool that could read or write ext4 filesystems from Windows as long as extents were enabled. However, if you have a dual-boot system you may need the functionality more often that you may think. Here are two Windows utilities which can access ext4 filesystems from Windows:

  • Ext for Windows: From Paragon and free for personal use. It can both read and write an ext4 filesystem. Supports all Windows flavours up to the most recent Windows 8.1.
  • Ext2read: As the name indicates, this software can only read the ext4 filesystem and copy files from it. If you are paranoid about corrupting your Linux filesystem due to any unusual external access this is the one for you.

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