Gravity (2013)

Watching Gravity in 3D is a great experience if you do not get disheartened by the thought of shooting a full movie in space with almost only one character. Though it may sound too boring Gravity surprised me. And probably it has surprised many more as the ratings in IMDB and Metacritic show. Reasonably fast paced with a subtle emphasis on human traumas and their consequences, Gravity has many picturesque shots of space which alone make is worth a watch. Astronaut Chris Hadfield has commented that visually Gravity is the most accurate and stunning account of a spacewalk to be filmed yet. The script has introduced as much humour it can. Though I felt Sandra Bullock could have delivered more, the movie didn’t disappoint. Sometimes it does remind that it is a commercial movie as it has many common Hollywood traits. But that didn’t ruin the entertainment I had. Definitely worth a watch and my rating would 8.2/10.

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