FusedOS: latest Linux based OS from IBM

tux_compToday IBM has released its own general purpose OS: FusedOS. As the name indicates, it is actually a fusion of a general purpose OS and a specialized OS the processes of which can talk to each other, unlike most OS -es which need to run on separate virtualized environments. Right now the prototype runs on the IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer (Linux runs on most of the supercomputers of the world, so this comes as no surprise) and combines a general purpose Linux kernel with the IBM compute node kernel (CNK). Both run from the same partition and applications for both the OS -es can be run on FusedOS. The applications can run simultaneously and can talk to each other as well. While you can run Linux processes over ssh, you need to invoke the cl tool for running CNK processes. Here’s a more detailed documentation on architecture and components of FusedOS.

IBM had long been a strong promoter of Linux. Good to see class innovations like this from IBM based on Linux. This also recognizes the growing visibility of Linux as a general purpose OS.

Webpage: FusedOS

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