Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome_compIf you have already used TeamViewer or LogMeIn, you already know how important remote desktop accesses can be. Now you can do the same using the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. The philosophy remains the same – you have to have the extension installed on both ends. The client shares the access and sends the generated secret code to the other end who requests access and authorizes with the access code. It is quite handy and platform independent too. File transfers supported.
However, the bulk is more than Teamviewer! Not something you’ll expect from regular browser extensions.

Webpage: Chrome Remote Desktop

2 thoughts on “Chrome Remote Desktop”

  1. I would still go for logmein or TeamViewer b/c of its superiority and leadership in remote access industry. Of course, chrome RDP by Google is good, but is still new. Also, recently I discovered another very good alternative: RHUB remote support servers and it beats all 3. i.e. Logmein, TeamViewer and chrome RDP.

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