Despicable Me 2 (2013)

I was eager to watch this sequel of Despicable Me which I enjoyed very much earlier. So I did what I seldom do – took the family to the PVR to watch it in 3D. Had a fun time watching the minions. However, the intensity of the first part is missing and the story seemed to focus on too many factors. The villain El Macho seemed too insignificant. I guess the writers could have beefed the character up much more. The movie feels less like a retired villain in action movie than a romantic movie all over. I guess I missed the drama in part one. The dialogues are cliché. The music doesn’t have the I’m having a bad bad day factor. Quality of the animation is above average, though nothing extraordinary. When I left the hall I couldn’t remember the whole sequence but only small fragments of the whole movie. But finally, watching reasonably good animations once in a while in 3D is a delight. The minions didn’t fail to entertain. Can’t deny that. This one is good family time which most movies can’t deliver and I don’t feel like the time is wasted. I would suggest watching it with everyone including the pet dog. My rating would be 6.8/10. Should lose points due to the weak story.

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