LXDE on steroids!

While Unity has come a long way to silence its initial critics (I was one of them), I was still looking for an alternative desktop environment which is minimal and superfast. I spent the last weekend trying out and customizing the LXDE desktop environment with Openbox as window manager. To my excitement, I could get the same look and feel as SliTaz.

Power tips to customize LXDE as the perfect desktop.

Installing LXDE on stock Ubuntu is simple. Just select the package lxde from synaptic and install it. From the cmdline:

$ sudo apt-get install lxde

Once done, log out and login back selecting the LXDE desktop environment.

The Linux Mint LXDE PPA seems to maintain more recent packages than in the default Ubuntu repos. To install the latest packages, run:

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mati75/mint-lxde
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

I edited ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml to add keyboard shortcuts to turn screen or touchpad off. Some useful keybinds:

  • Windows  Super_L (in case you are used to it due to Unity)
  • ASSIST  Help (on Sony VAIO)
  • WEB  XF86HomePage (on Sony VAIO)

To get the changes in lxde-rc.xml into effect immediately, run:

$ openbox --reconfigure

Now let’s discuss the look and feel. I keep changing the theme, icons etc. occasionally for some variety and not to get bored watching the same desktop regularly. I found the following themes and iconsets give LXDE a stunning look:

  • Adwaita-X (Gtk theme)
  • Evolve & Evolve-Darker (Gtk theme)
  • Zukitwo (Gtk theme)
  • +1_25032013 (Gtk theme)
  • Vertex (Gtk theme)
  • Zorin OS 8 (Gtk theme)
  • Elementary OS Openbox (Openbox theme)
  • 1977 Openbox (Openbox theme)
  • Zukitwo Box (Openbox theme)
  • Ambiance Crunchy (GTK3 Openbox theme)
  • Elementary (icons from Elementary OS)
  • libreoffice-style-sifr (cool LibreOffice theme in default repos)
  • Vibrancy Colors (Gtk icon Theme)

I brought own the panel height to 18 along with icon size 16. More space for activities! CPU temperature varies between 42-50°C during normal usage. I have also installed preload recently. I didn’t add any mixer for volume control, the default keys just work fine. I can toggle the microphone with the following command:

$ amixer set Capture toggle

If you want a mixer pavucontrol is the best option.

If you want to remove Firefox borders completely (saves a lot of space since Firefox 29) for maximum screen space, you can do that. It removes the maximize, minimize and close buttons but shouldn’t be a big problem because you can click on the panel to do these. In addition, you can press <Alt-Space> to get the Window menu. Once again, you need to edit the lxde-rc.xml file and add the following within applications tag:

<application class="Firefox">

For more control on the Firefox Australis theme (introduced in version 29) use the HTitle or Hide Caption Titlebar Plus extension.

After updating to Saucy, I faced an issue with window placement. They do not open centered any more. To fix it, add the following in lxde-rc.xml:

<application class="*" type="normal">
<position force="yes">

To change or add default programs to handle mime types, edit ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list.

To configure the LXDE main menu, edit:

To control apps which would autostart, use:

The system responsiveness and speed is incredible along with all this on LXDE. Without preload the memory usage immediately after a cold boot is 153MB and applications open and run in a snap!!!

8 thoughts on “LXDE on steroids!”

      1. Tried it just now. When compared to the look and feel of LXDE, XFCE simply looks bland (though that can be attributed to personal taste). Things are either square or rectangular and the UI seems crude and unpolished. Reminded me of Windows 98. It may need some customization to change that. Didn’t feel a huge difference in performance. Personally I won’t think of it for regular usage. I did try it once years back and had the same experience. Doesn’t look like it has come any further.

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