Kingsoft Office: 64-bit version by end of 2013?

The Microsoft Office clone Kingsoft Office is pretty cool and you might hardly find any difference if you are just a casual office suite user. Though from China they have created an English website recently. Recently they have added Linux support but till date only the 32-bit package is available. I was looking for a 64-bit package and mailed them regarding the availability. Got the following in reply –

Yes, we have plans to provide x64 support.
But our code is ported from windows, and using old com style.
It's support on x64 is difficult.
We hope x64-version could run at the end of the year.
But clear time is hard to expect.

Will keep waiting… 🙂

Update (10 Mar 2014): There won’t be any 64-bit version of Kingsoft office. Here’s the latest response from KingSoft:

Maybe we have to cut our x64 plans.
We have too few people in fact. We can not offer too many products.
Trying to support x64 maybe is a bad choice.

Webpage: Kingsoft Office

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