Multitail: handle multiple logs at once

multitailIf you need to work with multiple dynamic logs at once, tail might not be enough to follow all of them. Enter Multitail – open multiple logs in split windows or search in all windows at once or get notifications on log changes. Multitail is customizable to the maximum extent possible.


  • Highly customizable log views: multiple windows, horizontal or vertical split, search in all wondows at one, suppress or filter certain lines and so on…
  • Run external tools when a regular expression matches
  • Scrollback, set number of lines to display, suppress blank lines
  • Set update frequency
  • Colour schemes
  • Act as a visual pipe of syslog server
  • Monitor stdin
  • Set marks
  • Wrap, truncate, show only left or right for long lines
  • On new content beep, show a flashing screen, a popup or do nothing
  • Set configurations from the cmdline


To install multitail on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install multitail


Multitail has a large number of options. To view all of them, run:

$ multitail -h

Webpage: Multitail

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