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While I had been a die-hard fan of SMPlayer since its early days, I was quite oblivious that there is another clone of SMPlayer that has all the features of it – UMPlayer. The options and GUI are strikingly similar which lead me to believe that UMPlayer is a clone of SMPlayer. What I loved about it is that it comes in a much smaller package and the performance seemed better than SMPlayer even when using 4 threads to decode high-def video. The UI is skinnable and I loved the skin Black which is damn smart lookwise. You can also directly play, download or record videos from YouTube. Audio quality is extremely good (with normalization and software amplification at 130%) and I am using the gl driver for rendering video. It is multiplatform as well. I am so fascinated with this new MPlayer frontend that I removed SMPlayer, which I had been using for years now, from my system.

To install on Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/umplayer
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install umplayer

Webpage: UMPlayer

2 thoughts on “UMPlayer: MPlayer frontend”

  1. This is my player of choice for Windows.
    SMPlayer Windows installer always tries to install malware, toolbars and other crap. In Linux I prefer using mpv directly.

    Nice blog you have here.. lots of interesting software for the terminal.

    1. Thanks for sharing your usecase and appreciation! 🙂
      Three years of effort… I am happy it helps people.
      Please consider following the blog or subscribing to RSS feeds if you like it.

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