Dear Microsoft,…

Dear Microsoft,

A desperate attempt at sleek look and feel doesn’t complement quality and performance. I saw the metro theme spreading across all your products to promote Windows 8 but here’s my experience with services which actually mattered to me. I am trying to get your over-hyped Bing webmaster tool work for me for more than 8 months now and every time my site is crawled only the day I submit it. Crawler scheduling simply doesn’t work. The last time I submitted my sitemap was on 07 Mar, 2013 and it’s the also last day it was crawled! I was trying out your new outlook look of hotmail after years. After hundreds of mail deletions your algorithm broke. Even when I read a count of 37 unread mails in my inbox I could actually find only 12-15 mails in total.

Rubbish products in golden packages!

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