Can you trust cloud services?

cloud_compI received a mail with the following subject line today morning:
New Glide Service – 50 GB Free Storage Before May 5th

I was delighted. Who doesn’t like free space? But when I opened the mail, I had concerns. Read along:

Dear Glide User,

We are happy to inform you that we have launched an all new Glide Service. Glide Windows 8 and Google Android Users can download the new Glide App at the Windows and Google Play Stores respectively.

Please see links below:

Microsoft Windows 8 Store


Google Play Store


The new Glide Apps/Service are free. If you download the Glide App and register for a new Glide account before May 5th, you will also receive 50GBs of free storage. This offer is exclusively for existing Glide Account holders and will expire May 5th 2013. [We expect the Glide Apple iOS App to be available in the App Store shortly. We will notify you as soon as it is available. Existing Glide Apple Users will receive the same offer.]

We advise you to remove all important files and other user information from the old Glide Service ( on or before May 5th.

We are very grateful for the fantastic support we have received from the Glide community over the years and look forward to providing you with a new and improved service in the years to come.

The Glide Product Team

I have 3 odd GBs of data stored in Glide currently. Where’s the data migration part? And the mail talks about creating a new account! I created one with the same email ID registered to older Glide service but I couldn’t see my data. I have mailed my concern and queries but I am not hopeful that’ll help. No wonder today’s April 13!

It’s revelation and realization time for me. Every Tom, Dick and Harry and their dogs are starting ventures in cloud based solutions with no guarantee they will always store your data in the same way. At least they will make you migrate your data in the name of product upgrades. Google has done that! In the worst case they’ll just discontinue the service showing lack of funds. As almost all of these are startups, frequently they do not have any future plans or vision. The major milestone is almost always – getting popular and selling the business for immediate profit. They DON’T care about your data no matter what baseless cheap claims they make on their home page.

The next time you upload your important data in the cloud take a moment and THINK whom you are trusting.

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