A seasoned developer's nightmare!

coffee_compJust trying to recollect and put together some instances of hellish developer experiences – personal as well as of colleagues I’ve worked with. I will refer to Mr. X, (an accomplished and very senior developer with a high passion for quality work) to keep the mood light. Enjoy and add to the list!

  • 10 testers come with the same issue that got introduced last night (and was too easy to find) and Mr. X has to explain the same thing to all of them to the point they understand and agree. Sometimes it would be too difficult to simplify the technicalities. This has almost vanished nowadays due to advancements in bug-tracking systems – Mr. X just marks duplicates of the first issue and explains in a single place.
  • Some idiots who don’t understand their own modules try to dump their garbage in Mr. X’s bin. They won’t come with any analysis or logic, just guess-talk and assumptions. Basically they want the analysis to be done by Mr. X and gifted to them. Problem is, Mr. X’s time is much more important and he doesn’t wanna waste it.
  • Some member in Mr. X’s team can never handle his lot by himself. The guy wastes time of others (his doesn’t matter as his whole life was wasted the moment he chose programming as a career) and brings in issues every other day. If he fixes one issue, he adds 5 more.
  • After years of development, Mr. X tends to be choosy about the quality of the work he does. When his boss tells him to look into some install or update related issues ASAP, he freaks out.
  • A tester talks nonsense and tries to prioritize each and every issue he finds citing all sorts of trivial or hypothetical reasons. Mr. X tries to reason but is unable to convince in any logical way.

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