Regarding nomenclature

penguin_compWhen you are working on a number of similar or incremental resources it always helps to have a distinct name for each of them so that you can remember them easily. For example, in case of software being developed continuously increasing version numbers might look good to the users or customers (or managers) but it becomes a pain in the rear for the developers to remember the features supported in each version or hardware model. Personally, I have no respect for version numbers as they mean nothing to the human mind other than x > y. I have seen organizations use specific nomenclature for different models or versions like names of flowers, cartoon characters etc. and they seem much saner to me. As a personal favourite, I use female names like Cassandra, Elvita, Elena etc. for naming things, for example – n number of virtual machines I need to use regularly. When people ask why I follow this convention my simple answer is – the catchier the name in the prompt, the easier it is to figure out which system the terminal is logged into.

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