Boxopus: download torrents as links

boxopus_compUpdate: Boxopus has been banned from Dropbox because of legal reasons. Currently it is a paid service.

pCloud offers similar features on it’s own cloud storage.

If you are running out of space on your hard drive and wish you could make use of the cloud space in Dropbox to download torrents, there is one service that does exactly that – Boxopus. Create an account and start downloading directly to your Dropbox account instead of your hard disk. And guess what, if you want to watch videos from Dropbox directly, Dropbox’ lightbox does the streaming for you!

Some of it’s features:

  • Very simple interface and easy sign-up and  usage.
  • Supports both torrents and magnet links.
  • Adds your torrent in the queue with other users. But wait time to start is short.
  • Mails you when download is complete. No waiting after adding torrent.
  • Download the content using a download manager or send to Dropbox. Dropbox has blocked Boxopus due to copyright issues but the service exists.
  • For free users, stores the files for 1 day before auto-deletion.
  • Free users can download 2.5GB 1GB of data simultaneously. Traffic recharges every hour.
  • If any user has already downloaded the same torrent and it’s still cached, others get a copy in seconds.


  • Forces you to use your FB account details for login. A huge privacy breach given the fact that the service supports downloading just any torrent!
  • Waiting time has gone up to 2 days (or maybe more) before download starts
  • File size limit for free user set to only 512MB
  • Sometimes the file cannot be downloaded if there are unsupported characters in the folder name of the torrent

Webpage: Boxopus (link removed)

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