SpeedCrunch: high precision calculator


I had been using Galculator instead of the default gnome-calculator for sometime now. It’s fast and simple. Today I came across another calculator – SpeedCrunch. It’s multi-platform and fast but the features I liked most are the different functions you can enable from the View menu and the programmatic way of handling certain things. For example – If I want to check the binary representation of a number I type – bin(45). Now to get the hex representation of the same number all I need to do is to modify it to hex(bin(45)) and press enter! Very likely to become a programmer’s favourite calculator. It works on Linux, Mac and Windows. Readily available in Synaptic. Give it a try if you are looking for a calculator which can be easily operated (for all purposes) using the keyboard rather than mouse clicks.

Webpage: SpeedCrunch

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