Mobialia Chess: Android FICS client

If you are a regular chess player and are looking for a good FICS client app on Android then try Mobialia Chess. It is not as feature-packed as the popular desktop clients BabasChess (Windows and Linux over wine) or eBoard (Linux) but is more than sufficient for playing regularly on FICS. All the important features like seeks, console, chat etc. are available. The interface is beautiful. The free version adds a non-intrusive ad over the board but the commercial version is pretty cheap if you want that gone for good. Here‘s the lite version on Google Play.

Game play is glitch-free and gives a pretty smooth experience. I never faced any network issues while using it till date. Navigation has some harmless issues like pop-up windows remain in the board background if someone accepts your seek when you are trying to enter seek menu. However, you will find it only after you exit the active board when your game is over so it poses no threat to your concentration during the game. There is some scope of improvement in the app through more self-explanatory menus but that’s not a huge deal. It also has a pretty strong offline play mode where you can set the ELO of the computer as per your expertise in chess.

Website: Mobialia Chess

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