Detect if AHCI is ON in BIOS from Linux

diskI posted this question in LKML but didn’t get any reply for sometime before I could figure it out. I could see that ATA driver has API-s to get AHCI status at the kernel level but couldn’t find anything that would give the status at user level. One of my friends helped out with this and here’s the way to get it:

# grep -inr ahci /proc/interrupts
11: 43:      64247       2154   PCI-MSI-edge      ahci

2 thoughts on “Detect if AHCI is ON in BIOS from Linux”

  1. This was very handy but I believe it may still show up this way even if AHCI is disabled but I have to double check if it is disabled in the BIOS.

    1. I have checked this on my laptop. If I switch to IDE mode ahci doesn’t show up in /proc/interrupts. Can you please confirm with the results on your system?

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