World on a Wire [Welt am Draht] (1973)

Completed watching World on a Wire [German: Welt am Draht] during the last weekend. Though old, it is a gripping futuristic Sci-Fi mini-series from Fassbinder (his only Sci-Fi) and I believe an inspiration for many future Sci-Fi movies. The Thirteenth Floor is a direct adaptation. There are many unique and original concepts in the mini-series. Who would have thought that the transport of an individual over the telephone between the two worlds (adapted along with other concepts in The Matrix) is actually copied from this gem of a Sci-Fi? Or for example the personality exchange between entities of different worlds? The story is fast-paced enough to keep you interested. It deals with the existence of parallel worlds when one world is actually an experiment of a larger one which controls it. The people belonging to one world believe their world to be the real one. The experiment is propagated among new worlds as the original experimenters have created their own versions in the puppet worlds. But the twist is in the fact that personal traits and emotions are impossible to replicate. The main characters are well developed and each one creates an impact (other than Eva, who totally lacks the romanticism and depth actually intended for the character). The series will definitely make you think once it is over. I have seen many later movies which have incorporated bits and pieces of the concepts in this series. The length of the series is around 3.5 hrs. So make sure to start with enough time in hand. I have given it a 9/10 rating in IMDB.

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